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  • Advanced Pumping & Irrigation has an array of water filtration systems from under sink kitchen water filters and water softeners, bath and shower filters, to a comprehensive range of rural and out of town water filter systems.
  • Are you looking for a particular fitting, valve, hose or pipeline? Well there's a good chance Advanced Pumping and Irrigation have got it in stock in our warehouse. If not we can definitely get it in for you. Give us a call or drop in today.
  • You can depend on Advanced Pumping and Irrigation for quality, reliability and service. If you’re looking for a water tank for your home, farm or garden, we have a range of tanks to suit your every need.
  • Advanced Pumping and Irrigation offer an extensive range of pressure cleaning machines including petrol, electric, diesel and jetter machines. Ask in store which solution will best suit your job.
  • Irrigation ensures water delivery is done as efficiently and effectively as possible to its intended destination. Advanced Pumping and Irrigation stocks a quality range of products that suit almost every application, from domestic watering, through to landscape and horticulture.
  • Advanced Pumping and Irrigation has a pump to suit every use, large and small - submersible pumps, firefighting pumps, pumps for the pumping of sewage and waste water, multistage pumps for pressure boosting to a wide range of applications and even booster systems for energy recovery in seawater reverse osmosis.

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The management and staff of API (Advanced Pumping and Irrigation) have a very broad background in all facets of the industry from Farming, Turf, Stock and Orchards. Collectively there are no problems that we can’t solve. At API we are aware of the changing climate that we live in and we work hard to keep up with the latest innovations in efficiency and conservation techniques. With water conservation becoming a major concern API is looking for better ways to become water wise. API offers the full spectrum of services from domestic, through to farming applications, onto commercial and industrial projects for both civil and government bodies alike. Conveniently located at 2/54 Industrial Drive Coffs Harbour.